About Enseigner


We creating solutions for your

Our Mission

Is to empower its clients in having up-to-date technology and promise support to building owners and managers to efficiently manage and control their commercial, industrial or institutional buildings while at the same time increasing occupant comfort and convenience.

Our Vision

Is understanding the one step from not being secure to not being safe and considering our products we provide round the clock support throughout the year if and when it required. Adheres with standards that ensures safe, reliable and of good quality..


Teamwork and intelligence
win championships.

Our Team

Owes its pride in having a rich pool of Engineers, who are capable of designing,integrating, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining their respective systems and ably supported by experienced and skilled technicians and also the backing of ground staffs.

Why Choosing Enseigner

All believe that safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental right of every person and also a business imperative. We’ve all witnessed how security breaches and unexpected interruptions can happen anytime to anyone. We witness it in our everyday lives whether through our favorite networking sites, our “must visit” shopping destinations or painfully – in our own business. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Securing Your Company for Business has never been as vital as it is today.

Market Position

  • One of the few players who can offer complete solutions across the spectrum of fire safety and security needs.
  • Independent Systems Integrator who can offer a solution that is not dependent or limited by any one manufacturer or technology.
  • Seen as a dependable and reliable solution provider by the user and decision making community.
  • Recognized as the fastest growing companies in this industry in India.